Moo York, Moo York 🛤️😎

You can take some travelling options away from the Gallivanting Goth, but you cannot take the Gallivanting Goth away from travelling! Come rain or shine, my heart and my booty will always flutter and shake for travel. (PS: No heart palpitations were involved in this particular adventure).

And this Halloween 2020 was no exception, with a trip to York that I had booked with a friend a while back. The trip itself was chilled and peaceful, as I was lucky enough to be sat in a quiet carriage in one of the new Azuma trains. May I add that my travelling did not incur any granny killing? I just feel like it is worth mentioning this, since at the time of writing this post, collective hysteria has reached another level of fucking moronic.

Did I mention delirium and idiocy? Yes, I did. And I will most probably dedicate a whole ass post on this topic. It truly is mind-boggling to me what this manufactured event has revealed about Society … Namely that a whole lot of self-righteous mini Hitlers with absolutely zero understanding of science, data and facts, are thriving being condescending virtue signalling bellends to their fellow humans. “yOu ArE SeLFisH! WEaR a mAsK!YoU’Re KiLliNG pEoPLe!” Bitch, I am not diseased, I am in open air, I have asthma and some rather painful anxiety attacks – how about you stay the fuck away from me and mind your own fucking business? Oh, and not to mention, I do not want to breathe in bacteria and catch bacterial pneumonia or bloody convid for that matter. Stay 50km away from me and bog off. Can people leave each other to make their own decision without obnoxious pseudo-shaming? Also, research is critical – and your auntie’s facebook posts don’t count as a source. / rant over

Frankly, I have never been so glad to be an introvert and self-outcast, because damn, I would have excommunicated a whole lotta people out of my life, weren’t I already living the hermit life.

Needless to say – I did not give into the manufactured fear that this picture was intending to instil. And neither did the glorious York.

Upon arrival at York train station, I met with my friend who was coming down from Glasgow, and we … HUGGED!!!! Yes, shock, horror, we did NOT self-isolate and flagellate for 14 days before hugging … and guess what? the world and local grannies are still spinning around. Indeed, I am yet to be known by the trail of the dead behind me (this is a band reference by the way, I am not actually a psychopath in the making, unlike Matt Wancock).

As we were both hungry, we opted to pop in the Everyman Cinema, which has a restaurant inside. The waitress was super friendly, and reminded me that smiles do exist outside of London. I had a burger, which disappeared before I thought about snapping it …

… but I did think about snapping this lush cookie dough dessert. Only because i was so full, and needed a moment before tucking in!

Thinking about some more cookie dough …

We stayed at the Bar Convent, a very interesting venue which is still operating as an actual Convent! The staff was incredibly friendly, despite me and my friend turning up decked like straight up fashionable heretics.

The stupidity I mentioned above? Yeah, it is everywhere.

After chilling for a bit in our room, nattering about and doing some more catching up, we opted to go out and sample a bit of the little nightlife that was left to relish in (this was just before the second illegal lockdown so bars opened up until 10pm).

Evil Eye was SO DISAPPOINTING! We had high hopes for it, and it looked pretty alluring from the outside. However, the bar staff literally did not acknowledge either of us upon arriving and left us in the cold for 15 mins whilst clearly looking at us (to be fair we are hot mamas). Once they decided to come towards us, they just gestured us to the upstairs bar to a dirty table with a disgusting half peeled QR Code on it (ya, I can be a Karen too). All ordering had to be done via phone, with no clear instructions. Complete soulless experience and subpar drinks. Totally sending Evil Eye the stank eye!

However, we did rescue the night at Jalou bar – which is set in a church! Staff was fantastic, the decor was popping (generally a huge effort was made in York for Halloween) and some fun early 2000 music helped us chill some more.

On Saturday, after a copious breakfast cooked by the lovely Convent staff, we decided to hop on a York City Sightseeing bus – and it was ace !! The tour guide was super knowledgeable and we actually learnt some really interesting facts about York as well as the English vocabulary – who knew “pulling one’s leg” had such a morbid background?

After the tour, we decided to use our own legs and do some pedestrian wandering … in the open air! Oh noes!

Walking along the York City Walls was a beautiful experience as well; York is so full of history and to be able to experience it was something I am forever grateful for.

The city itself is just gorgeous and so full of a unique charm I hadn’t seen or experienced since Edinburgh. I absolutely adored the cobbled streets, independent shops and just general friendliness and soul of this stunning city! I could spend a whole week just trying out bakeries, restaurants and the myriad of stores in the little streets. I just feel so sad that they may potentially not survive the excessive lockdowns …

York is home to many a cupcake / tea rooms (I LOVE them!) and we found a cute one called Vanilla Cafe that had space for us and our open-for-cakey-business stomachs … The gluten free cake was absolutely lush!

Talking about food … How cuuuuuute are these goodies from Betty’s?? I had to buy some pumpkins and ghosts to take home, these were too sweet and cute not to bring back to London!

Oh and talking about food … When in York, we had to do as the Yorkies right?Well, I absolutely loved the York Roast Co’s Yorkie Pudding wraps, honestly I don’t know how they do it but my yorkie pudding wrap was soooo tasty, I literally just want one for Christmas … sod the whole dinner, just plop it all in the yorkie pudding please!

Food is a driving force … so yep more food pics! This time from dinner – from the Nepalese restaurant Yak and Yeti. I had grilled salmon as a starter and chicken with garlic, cumin and a tasty sauce with egg fried rice. Absolutely delicious!

Not content with that, I must also give major credit to the Whippet Inn for the most delicious Sunday Roast I have had for a long time! The staff was also awesome and ever so friendly.

Oh My Goth, this made us giggle for a while also haha ! Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate!! Whoop Whoop!

Thought this was also a funny one…!

Who you gonna call? Yep, I actually witnessed my first ever ghost photoshoot! strike a pose BOO!

I absolutely adored York and I had to bring a little friend with me …


Frankly, I am so glad I made it to York – not only it was extremely good for my own sanity, but also I feel great having connected with so many people there. I purchased a lot of goodies from small retailers (photo update soon) including :

I have one life to live and I won’t let anybody or anything steal the time I have allocated to me on this Earth. That goes for Boris, Matt and all the Karens outthere.