Is Wish Wishy-Washy? 🛍️

Some say that the best things in life are free. begs to differ and raises the 2020 stakes with “the best things in life come for free with expensive shipping”.

And what did I do? Claim my goodies courtesy of the Chinese postal service, of course! I must say that Trump did miss a trick with the “Chinavirus”, my package arrived on time AND untampered; unlike the US ballots. *political shade may have been thrown*

I opted for a silver ring, which actually cost me £1.89 plus £1 shipping. This was the cost of my hopes at the time, as you can see, i don’t like to keep them very high …

However, the ring arrived today and I must say am quite pleased with it. It doesn’t quite match the picture as I am quite sure the photo is stolen from somewhere, but it does the job, which is to sit pretty on my finger. And let it be known I give zero fucks about self-righteous online zealots : 80% of my jewellery comes from Etsy sellers, so buying a £1 ring off Wish is not me RuINiNg sMAlL BUsInESseS. People need to calm their tits and use their brains : rationalise before you criticize.

I am still waiting on other wishes from wish … Let’s see if they keep their end of the bargain!

Wish me luck? Or not, I don’t care.