London is Lit 🌟⚡

…Indeed, no matter what the un-enlighted illuminati are trying to do to the World right now, they will never be able to stop London from being London, and unleash the creativity it is known for.

Spotted on Oxford Street last night, some of the Crimbo displays … It sure does not feel Christmassy yet, but I really did enjoy seeing the lights and positive messages displayed.  I knooooooowshocking right?! A cynical sarcastic Goth enjoying lights AND positivity?

Well, yeah it is 2020 after all.

On a side note, I also managed to burn 600 calories yesterday, so it is not just my soul who felt the loving warmth; my ass felt the burn too.

Shine Bright Motherfuckers!

 ♥️  Love & Lightning ⚡️