Mood of the Day : Rage Against the Machine(s) 😡🤬

I did appreciate the irony of seeing this plastered in the outside world, right by a bunch of lovely humans socialising carefully in the heart of Soho [you know it can be done right? drinking from your own cup without slobbering germs and particles all over somebody else?] … The second thing that made me seriously roll my eyes, is that carefully crafted noose at the bottom of the ‘V’ plugged directly into Mister Strawman’s neck – so are we advocating for stay home hang yourself now? I am hoping this was a satirical poster because if not … “Hang in there buddy!

I believe socialising, having open discussions and treating your fellow humans with respect is what contribute to saving lives, not turning yourself into a so-called martyr because you are willingly wetting your bed at home, or snitching on your neighbours because they have their grandkids around.
Damn, I saw someone doing this on my own facebook timeline, and I felt physically repulsed by it all – not only was this woman taking photos of her neighbours and being an ignorant racist turd, but her army of little Hitlers just co-signed the whole post with plenty angry emojis to boot and good ol’ trashy comments, calling for these poor people to be shopped to the coppers. Good job this is not 1943 eh?
In a similar vein, many of the believers of the current rhetoric resort to name calling everybody a ‘conspiracy theorist‘ just because they happen to not gobble line, hook and sinker what the media spouts and dare have a contradictory opinion. Folks, labelling people with pseudo-insults (I take it as a compliment personally),  does not make you smarter, it makes you a self-righteous Goebbels, fitting perfectly alongside your chosen Hitler.
Oh and don’t get me started on the twitter trend consisting of snitching on maskless people in the tube; fucking hell I never thought I’d actually witness such lowlife behaviour in my lifetime. Talk about waste of oxygen?
Miss me with all of this online shaming bullshit.

Trust that if it was a true pandemic (ie epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population.) then at least a third of London would actually be dead and gone, and you wouldn’t need the media to ramp up the scaremongering of the masses : everybody would actually be scared shitless de facto because their reality would naturally be shattered by such a cataclysmic event [if it was real]. Only – this is not the case, reality does not match the fictitious tales from the TV and the Globalists and co resort to the weaponry of the media to create this false reality … 

…And instead of going outside and thinking for two seconds about the reality they physically live,  the virtue-signalling facebook loudmouths just happily have their freedom taken away by taking everything up the arse, like the good puppets they are.

There is definitely a viral infection, and that is of sheer brainwashed stupidity.

❤️Love & Lightning⚡