There is No “New Me”… Only a Finer Me 🧐!

So my weights have serendipitously arrived today, the 31st December 2020 … I could swear that it is the Universe dropping a not so subtle hint : ya better get ready to pump some iron at the stroke of midnight hun! Saying that, I really do hope that the Universe does not actually use the word hun … We’re fucked if It does. All is … Continue reading There is No “New Me”… Only a Finer Me 🧐!

I Ain’t Grim with the Grimoire Palette 💄👀

As a true wierdo, I am always out of sync or not syncing with the “world”. I guess you could say that this “world” is grim right now, however, my World is not. This is not a ploy to a Wayne’s World type of movie. In fact, I feel groovy as fuck. I know the CIC (Cocks in Charge) are currently hellbent on making everybody … Continue reading I Ain’t Grim with the Grimoire Palette 💄👀

I Miss the 90’s : The Nerdy Alt Chick Edition 🤓🖥️

… in 1997, I was a shy but already snarky geeky teenager. My dad had proudly bought the first of many Personal Computers that would be gracing my poor eyesight – one of those bricks that were the pinnacle of technology back then. And within a couple of months of goofing about on it, I had already learnt how to screw with the WIN.INI file. … Continue reading I Miss the 90’s : The Nerdy Alt Chick Edition 🤓🖥️

Blue Monday : The Blues or The Bloom? 💙🐋

Is there a Smurf hidden in my Huawei phone? This is legitimately the question I asked myself when I looked back at my phone’s gallery today (well, not really but I am bored and need some literary drama). Somehow, all of last week’s pictures from my London walks have one common point: they’re bluer than Clumsy Smurf choking on a blueberry. So what did I … Continue reading Blue Monday : The Blues or The Bloom? 💙🐋

My 2020 Crimbo : Blingin’ Bat Bliss 🦇🎅🎄

Burnt party food? Check! Kung Fu Panda Trilogy with associated follow-up rubbish fat jokes? Check! Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker? Check! More bling than a Snoop Dog Christmas Tree? Check! Awesome presents from friends located in Tier Tartan Bollocks? check! Checkmate BoCock ! ( I consider Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson like the evil Brangelina of the UK and they deserve the appropriate moniker innit!). I … Continue reading My 2020 Crimbo : Blingin’ Bat Bliss 🦇🎅🎄

OOTD Killstar Liberty Coat 👻

I first saw this Matrix-meet-Morticia coat during a trip to Prague, but the only size they had left in store was way too small for my thunderbosom as well as thunderbooty. I am smiling now, but I wasn’t then! However, I took the plunge and purchased the larger size (medium) which did make me cry into my deliveroo order of burger and fries (I do … Continue reading OOTD Killstar Liberty Coat 👻

Batty Christmas Wishes !!

Whatever you do today, remember that you are awesome and that you can do anything you want! I am thinking of all the people spending Christmas alone and sending them huge stacks of positive energy. Christmas is commercially sold as a people time; which is not wrong in itself but may make lone people feel very isolated, especially due to the media always advertising groups … Continue reading Batty Christmas Wishes !!

Heavy Weights for a Heavy Metal Chick 🏋️‍♀️

As I am still yet to see any genuine health-focused governmental advice (ya know like : go out and breathe some fresh air, eat fruit and veg, take vitamin D and Zinc … All that free stuff that won’t line their pockets), I thank the High Heavens for having gifted me a brain that can compute what to do to get healthier in a non … Continue reading Heavy Weights for a Heavy Metal Chick 🏋️‍♀️

OOTD: Ninja Witch Mode Activated 🥊

Necklace : Topshop Jacket : Widow @ Dollskill … Yeah, sue me *insert eyeroll*. Actually, scrap that because I will not penalise the designers, buyers, merchandisers, models, pattern cutters, garment technologists, photographers, and factory workers who participated in the production of this item because of the stupidity of their boss. I personally have had the misfortune of working for trash people and I am very … Continue reading OOTD: Ninja Witch Mode Activated 🥊