Oops I Did It Again : New New Rocks … πŸ‘’

*inserts Motley Crue backing track*

Sales, Sales, Sales!

Upsells  and sassy deals

Sales, Sales, Sales!

Dancin’ Down on the High Street

Soooooo ….I had to get these, yes had to. That is the way it works in my brain, especially considering the fact that I have recently sold two pairs of New Rocks on Depop. Supply and Demand, amiright? Well, mama demands New Rocks!

Alsooooo…as I am getting finer (yeah, I am like a fine wine innit), my style is also changing slightly and I want more bang for my buck; meaning I would like to be able to wear my alt stuff more frequently (ie at work also). These New Rock books are not OTT, but still have that little bit of edge (love the heel and platform) which I dig.

Cannot wait to receive them and stomp my way to whichever fuckery awaits in 2021!

Scream for me!