En Voyage à Paris 🚆🛤️

Today I am heading down to Paris for a week, and I must say that I am pretty excited, despite the stupid state it will be in when I get there (you know, with that senseless sanitary dictatorship based on false data thing going on).

I will get to see my dad’s new flat, get to play with my nephews, eat my mum’s wholesome food AND have a good ol’ conspiracy laugh with my bro and sis in law.

On that note, yesterday I had my hair done and I was so happy to see that my hairdresser was fully onboard the awake train. We literally spoke for 4 hours about the global spell the world is under, the media manipulation and full on lies about the NHS (empty hospitals and dancing nurses included).

Strolling through Saint Pancras, I couldn’t help but notice once again, the stupidity of it all – multiple people in confined spaces with gobs wide open wolfing down their pre trip breakfast; people walking alone in open space with their gobs sealed shut by face nappies. The whole face mask debacle is such a pitiful masquerade. And let’s not talk about the Facebook facemasks warriors, constantly hammering their virtue signalling across the board and their keyboard. Girl, just because Superman wore his underwear inside out doesn’t mean that the same applies to you wearing a face thong : you are no superhero.

I really love this cute wrapping paper and I hope the gifts will be a laugh – cannot wait to see my brother’s face when he gets to open his “straight outta Wuhan” t-shirt and his “I survived the 2020 toilet paper crisis” mug. Yeah we are a sassy family like that, and I love it. It’s been such a relief having the WhatsApp family group to exchange convid-19 related memes – who needs the BBC? Make your own news, innit.

20% off law breaking; 80% able to breathe. This nightmare will have to end soon and I hope to be waking up in a brand new better world soon.

Scream for me!