The Butter Glow 💛

Holding on to the past is a thing of the present, because the present has no future …

At that particular moment in time, I realised that for this bakery, this “2018 moment” was as good as it will ever get – at least for a while. And so I gave it a glow up, inspired by the very buttery goodie it received recognition for.

Because the time to glow up is always now.

I used to frequently defer a lot of my “potential” (writing, photography, fashion), until I realised that this ether I was perpetually putting myself into was not a storage space, but a fucking abyss from which I could never come back.

The biggest con people fall into is the underestimation of their most precious commodity: Time.

Even MC Hammer warned you.

Over the last two years, I have drastically applied what I preach, and ruthlessly removed what/who doesn’t serve me or is a waste of my time.

From an outsider perspective, I most probably come across as rather insane and rude – from an inner perspective I am glowing up and fine tuning my energy and focus on the things and people that matter.

I shine bright like a demented bat !

Scream for me!