A Blast in Paris 🇫🇷

As I am waiting for the Eurostar 9039 to depart towards Blighty, I am feeling  very pleased about my little allegedly evil excursion back home (eye rolling is included in this paragraph).

Sure, I did not get to take my mum out to eat at her favourite buffet.

Sure, I did not have a classic steak-frites with my dad in the heart of Saint Michel.

Sure, I did not get to see my nephews go crazy at the local soft play area whilst me and my brother just destroy crêpes and coffee.

(Yeah,we like our food)


I saw all my family. We hugged, had a laugh, ate dodgy takeout and I even played the classic 90s games Worms with my bro. And I lost … Dammit!!

I played with my nephews, watched Gordon Ramsay in French with my mum (holy fuck he sounds utterly ridiculous in French) and I saw my dad’s new place, which is fabulous.

I actually did get to walk around Paris … and yes it did feel lifeless, but I appreciated just being there.

I am looking forward to more travelling, genuine human experiences and also to hitting the gym because Lord Lemmy knows I need it!

Ps : No mass killing was linked to this trip. #myfaceiscute #breatheairnotbacteria

❤️Love & Lightning⚡

Scream for me!