Rise & Shine In the Dark ๐ŸŒŸ

This cute reindeer I captured in my fuck-the-quarantine* walk last night reminded me that I must keep shining as bright as I fucking want to. [*yes, healthy until proven sick my dudes, I am no leper and I ain’t gonna act like one either].

Alright, I don’t have antlers … but I do have a couple of blingy middle fingers which can do the perfect job of standing up, loud and bright. As I amย  emerging more forcefully from the shackles of the group-think stupor, I feel more and more empowered to be me, unapologetically, and it honestly feels amazing.ย 

Now that I have my space (without Tom), I feel my creativity flowing and generally feel great mentally. Gone is the inner rage I experienced because I could not / would not write down my real thoughts. Gone is the frustration I would go through day in day out because of my own inability to break free from social conventions.

The prison of the mind is something that is not to be underestimated. And thank fuck I staged my own Prison Break!

… oh and fuck you Boris! The only tier that matters to me usually belongs on a cake.

With Love & Critical Thinking,