Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What’s the Biggest Psyop of Them All? 💉🙄

I shit you not (well I shouldn’t really … considering the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020, lolz), we now have been instructed by the ruling bellends to play pretend sick (do we get nursed by pretend George Clooney from ER too?) because playing pretend sick will trick the virus that-is-so-virulent-it-needs-a-test-to-find-it (and kills less than the flu), from phantom spreading.

Ah yes, didn’t you know that now in 2020, there is no such thing as being healthy anymore : you are asymptomatic and sick until proven healthy. You must act like you are a diseased ridden filthy being, and treat yourself like a leper to “save lives” (and get your hero medal and online asspats).

Forget that the WHO itself said that asymptomatic spread is very rare.

Forget that the WHO itself says this disease is mild and doesn’t require treatment in most cases.

But hey, let’s destroy small businesses, imprison vulnerable people away, the young, the healthy, the living, and let’s manipulate people into injecting themselves with an experimental vaccine which you cannot sue against, nor guarantees immunity.

And before history labels me a “conspiracy theorist”(there’s no theory there my dudes, only facts), I am dropping the receipts straight from Matt Hardcock’s Twitter and the WHO in the links above.

One thing that I know, is that I will never be remembered as being complacent in this huge attack on humanity. And I will remember every single fool who has been shaming fellow humans for daring to breathe without a bacteria ridden cloth.


Scream for me!