Heavy Weights for a Heavy Metal Chick πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

As I am still yet to see any genuine health-focused governmental advice (ya know like : go out and breathe some fresh air, eat fruit and veg, take vitamin D and Zinc … All that free stuff that won’t line their pockets), I thank the High Heavens for having gifted me a brain that can compute what to do to get healthier in a non chemical way.

By the way, all these people injecting themselves with that mRNA vaccine probably are the mutants – not poor old covid …

The gym may be closed, but I am reopening one and I just ordered some equipment to see me going from fatty to fitty. Yes ma’am! Fitty Cent in da house (though this probably should be fitty penny as the UK is escaping the EU … *cries in shitty exchange rate*).

I don’t think I have been that motivated to exercise for at least … 2 years, and this seems to coincide with the time when I had this awful nexplanon implant inserted. This must mean my body is finally functioning normally; actually I am pretty sure it is because even my sarcasm is back to healthy levels. Hurrah!

Imma have to leave you here, mama’s got some serious work to do…

Scream for me!