Batty Christmas Wishes !!

Whatever you do today, remember that you are awesome and that you can do anything you want!

I am thinking of all the people spending Christmas alone and sending them huge stacks of positive energy.

Christmas is commercially sold as a people time; which is not wrong in itself but may make lone people feel very isolated, especially due to the media always advertising groups of people and gatherings.

However, there is strength in oneself, and I hope everyone gets to find their inner power !! I managed to find mine over the last few years, and it’s fabulous. I don’t rely on anything but myself and I am completely unphased by social constructs.

My advice for 2021 is : Don’t believe in  the constructed reality and start building your own! Get busy building and creating your day, whether it means watching a movie or learning a new craft!

With Batty Christmas Kisses ❤️🎄🦇

Scream for me!