OOTD Killstar Liberty Coat 👻

I first saw this Matrix-meet-Morticia coat during a trip to Prague, but the only size they had left in store was way too small for my thunderbosom as well as thunderbooty.

I am smiling now, but I wasn’t then!

However, I took the plunge and purchased the larger size (medium) which did make me cry into my deliveroo order of burger and fries (I do like a bit of extra salt).

Still, I believe it was worth the ego bitch slap, as this coat is gorgeous and kept me really snug on this Christmas day walk in Primrose hill.

However, I am literally about to tuck into my crimbo dinner and I fear that this happiness will be short lived … That is until my home gym straight outta eBay turns up! #whoopburndatass

With Love & Trimmings

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