Blue Monday : The Blues or The Bloom? πŸ’™πŸ‹

Is there a Smurf hidden in my Huawei phone?

This is legitimately the question I asked myself when I looked back at my phone’s gallery today (well, not really but I am bored and need some literary drama). Somehow, all of last week’s pictures from my London walks have one common point: they’re bluer than Clumsy Smurf choking on a blueberry.

So what did I do? Make ’em extra blue on this fine Monday!

Whilst the photos have the blues, I do not ; in fact I feel great after having spent the day drinking coffee with a friend by the river.

Our arses froze but we made up for it by getting our legs to work out for a long walk on the South Bank.

I hadn’t seen this friend for about a month, so it was great catching up and remodelling the world! (Spoiler alert: this world doesn’t include masks and obnoxious people)

I am already looking forward to our next catch up, this time around a big fat pancake at the Pancake House in Holborn or a beef rendang at East Street on Tottenham Court Road. *Slurps in 2021 anticipation*

Oh yeah, let me say that again : hell will have to freeze over before I stop seeing my friends and family!

With Love & A Frozen Arse

Scream for me!