I Miss the 90’s : The Nerdy Alt Chick Edition πŸ€“πŸ–₯️

… in 1997, I was a shy but already snarky geeky teenager. My dad had proudly bought the first of many Personal Computers that would be gracing my poor eyesight – one of those bricks that were the pinnacle of technology back then. And within a couple of months of goofing about on it, I had already learnt how to screw with the WIN.INI file.

Yeah, I was already a hater of Bill Gates by then. #Duh #ThatManKnowsJackshitAboutViruses

The Craft movie had come out a year prior, and it gave me and my fellow nerdy goth friends the confidence to go to high school in mini skirts, knee highs and terrible eyeshadow. Oh, and we nearly set my friend’s parents flat on fire due to a very powerful spell we conducted by burning some herbal shit in an old tin of Quality Street sweets. Cue stinky smoke and no cute boy.

In essence, I don’t know why I am writing this?

Perhaps it is because I am getting very jaded with this era of the internet. I feel like the convirus is amplifying what I have been feeling for a long time : that the era of tongue-in-cheek, smart and open-minded online communities is dead.

But that will be a topic for another post.

With Love & Some Norton Anti Virus,

Scream for me!