There is No “New Me”ā€¦ Only a Finer Me šŸ§!

So my weights have serendipitously arrived today, the 31st December 2020 … I could swear that it is the Universe dropping a not so subtle hint : ya better get ready to pump some iron at the stroke of midnight hun!

Saying that, I really do hope that the Universe does not actually use the word hun … We’re fucked if It does.

All is good though, as I don’t believe in the bullshit of “new year new me”. I am limited edition boo; there ain’t no new me; there is one prototype and I am committed to making it work.

I have always been more of a fan of the philosophy of “striving to be the best version of oneself“, and in 2021 there will be no exception.

One thing though, is that the saying “Your Body is A Temple” never made genuine sense until a couple of days ago – when things kind of clicked.

My Mind and my Will are my primary sources of manifesting and creating my desired life. Oh yeah! I am a magician by the way … Poof! And the bullshit is gone!

And without the body – aka the casing of the magic sausage- being healthy and strong, then mental abilities abilities are reduced or prevented from working properly (hello depression, am looking at ya).

All this to say : I am gonna rock harder than The Rock in 2021!

May 2021 be filled with Glam, Giggles and Growls!

Scream for me!