New Year’s Day : a Thrifty Literal Pain in The Ass 🏋️‍♀️💪🍑

In the name of all that is Schwarzeneggery, Stallony and John McClaney – I have done my first bunch of reps using my newly received dumbbells and ankle weights, and I am aching in places I did not know existed in my body. I followed videos from Caroline Girvan for the arms and full body, and then one from the Live Fit Girl for the booty.

Still, I feel great and I am motivated to carry on this routine daily; this time without a stomach full of coffee. I felt super sick afterwards and that was not fun.

On another note, today I felt like doing some digging in my Ebay watchlist. I have a habit of saving stuff, and then finding out 10 months later the item is out of stock. Duh.

The objects of my desire today were … long trench coats. I LOVE long coats and dresses (and I am not a Mormon by any means LOL), and I had to snap these before my 2022 venture into my watch list.

This long jacket is more of a blazer, and I love its length and style. The picture sucks majorly but I hope it will be as cool as I think it actually is.

This Firetrap trench had me at the zip and fitted shape. I am a fiend for fitted coats and this one looks nicely fitted and skirted to me. We shall find out next week, if the Royal Mail manages it!

I haven’t done much else today, and I am totally happy with that since next week work is starting again.


With Love & Sore Muscles,

Scream for me!