The Tragic Magick of Convid ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐ŸŽฉ

Magic is the ability to control one’s perception; indeed where you saw a rabbit coming out of nowhere, the magician did have it coming from somewhere. The rabbit was always there, you just never saw it for yourself.

Ok so for the triggered vegans out-there, and because I like to inject ridiculousness into everything I do, here is another analogy. A Wonderbra makes the unsuspecting fool think that the chick he is oggling on Instagram has double G’s, when in fact they’re measly double A’s … The sisters were always there in their natural form, but a contraption made it seem otherwise.

Why am I waffling on about bunnies and boobs?

Because the world is under the biggest spell ever. People’s perceptions of health, rational and critical thinking, sanity and human decency have gone completely haywire. And I am starting to seriously loathe all who are pushing and complying with the mess.

One of the most crazy thing for me in 2020 was to realise how dumb and programmed the population really is.

See that image below? 3/4 of people will fail to read and digest what the small text says. Why? because they are just focused on the big red scary number that is cast upon them. But fuck the ‘death for any reason‘ am I right?

The same people who are now convinced they are walking diseases (newsflash: ya can’t spread what ya don’t have), and blatter on about ‘muh health‘ will ignore centuries long recommendations (ie walk daily, boost your immune system naturally and don’t be a dickhead) to preach on behalf of an industry which relies on sickness to make a profit. Yeah, sorry to break it to ya but Pfizer (and its gazillion documented crimes)ย and Astra Zeneca aren’t pumping out doses of chemicals for your health … Indeed, investors and shareholders’ currency is notย Vitamin C and Zinc.

Scream for me!