Covid Nazis Love Excel ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ“‘

Just when I thought that humanity couldn’t sink any lower, there goes a totally serious post on a Reddit beauty forum (Beauty Guru Chatter aka the Beauty Virtue Gutter), whereby an obnoxious user created a whole ass goddamn pivot table of all the less than 6 feet apart recorded interactions of YouTuber James Charles during a period of 81 days …

It seems to me that this user missesbrightside123 would fit right in with the Gestapo. Perhaps she should consider a masked beauty tutorial using 50 shades of brown shitstains; after all she is clearly brown nosing for asspats in a sickening trend that is becoming more and more widespread amongst the Covid Cultists : the shaming of people living their life without fear.

I know some people are bored during lockdown, but this is another level of absolutely disgusting, and frankly utterly creepy behaviour.

May this person and others find a hobby, a dildo, or a life because that level of obsession is definitely not healthy; and we know that Covid Cultists only care about health right? Not about being imbued of perceived power and moral superiority which really is cowardice paraded as virtue…

With Love and Fresh Air,

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