Löökbook : Doing The Splits 🤸‍♀️💃

Alright, I cannot do the splits, but I was able to get into this Killstar split skirt without splitting it! Damn, my verbiage is getter better and better, is it not?  If you have a split opinion it’s ok … See what I did there? Anyway …

The Luna necklace is also from Killstar … What better symbol for a moonchild? (or a lunatic innit)

I am only halfway through my weight loss journey, but I am pleased with the progress so far. Sure, I am not back to my ideal weight, but I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to squeeze my glutes into this size S skirt. Yes, this is me looking into kicking the ass out of the fat of my own ass.

My vest is one I bought a few years back – yep I prefer to buy things that last and not trendy shit. This vest is very versatile and I use it for so many different looks. It is also great for the summer to add a hint of metal without melting.

Here to a 2021 full of sassy poses and uh … a background full of trimmed roses?

With Sass and Splits,

Scream for me!