A Vintage Heart: Alt Thrifting πŸ’›πŸ‘›

Not only am I vintage Myself, but I do also absolutely love buying actual vintage pieces.

You know what they say right? The drapes gotta match the furniture … And I am proudly purchasing things that match my millennial Conan the Barbarian meets Coco Chanel ass.

I might be antiquated to some, but I do not give a roaring damn. On that note though, I really do miss going to the charity shops with my mum … but hopefully I will be able to do so fairly soon. *prays to the Gods of Civil Disobedience*

I own a lot of vintage bags, but I was missing a travel make up case … And I found one tonight on Ebay : a leopard heart one at that! (Yeah I’m rather fond of some 80’s shit)

I am rather eclectic in my style and love to incorporate things from different eras or subcultures. This leopard print reminded me of classic 50’s pin ups and I can’t wait to rock it !

With Love & Def Leopard,

Scream for me!