Sorceress Palette : Shapeshifter 🧙‍♀️🐍

Shapeshifting is something I usually associate with reptilian conspiracy theories, however, thinking about it, it does also seem to fit me : indeed I am trying my hardest to shift kgs off my ass, and you bet your devalued bottom dollar that I am going to shift shape.

This week has been rather busy and wet (outside ya perverts) – but in a positive way : I have been given enough work to know that I shouldn’t be economically fired anytime soon. And that means that I can start saving money and BUY SHIT!  Oh yes, fuck you Klaus Schwab!  In 2030, I will own my mansion and you will hopefully rot in prison.

I had purchased this Sorceress palette from Jolie Beauty a while back and had mostly played with the purples in it. Today I decided to go do a single shimmering green look called … shapeshifter.  Yes. All that intro for that.

Who says you can’t be beautifully political?


This eyeshadow is freaking fabulous, I applied only a little bit and it popped like crazy. The shimmering mermaid effect is strong and the shadow itself hasn’t creased despite having it on for a few hours in a room with the heating on. 

My lipstick is one of Maybelline’s amazing Super Stay Matte Ink range, this is shade GroundBreaker. I absolutely adore this range, these liquid lipsticks stay put all day and don’t flake.

Unlike coward pro lockdowners 🥳🤡🥳

With Love & Liquid Lipstick,