I ♥️ Freedom

Today was a nice sunny day and I would have loved to go out to a secluded spot to shoot … I miss shooting. The euphoria, the rush, the creative burst …

By the way, I am talking about shooting photos, not drugs, though at this stage of 2021 I think I’d rather have crack cocaine injected in my veins rather than any of the covid-19 vaccines currently being pushed around.

Sadly, due to the covidians extreme aggressivity against any individual just living their life, I am not chancing going out and having my DSLR camera smashed or stolen, so I will be patient.

Instead, I will just go out for a walk in central London with a full face of make up, and a smile on my face. That will scare them off.

With Love & A Black Tinted Heart,

Scream for me!