Locked Down in Vintage Nightgowns πŸŒƒπŸŒš

As much as I love Primark PJs, I have always really been drawn to vintage robes and nightgowns. And I am not talking about Miss Marple kinda nightwear, but the Morticia kind : stylish, elegant and glam.

I have always wanted to own a couple of vintage nightwear items and I found two that tickled my fancy last night. I won one of them and I am waiting to win the other. #cozwedontloseinthishouse

This one is a 70s nightie and whilst it is rather basic for my frilly ass, it has ruffles on it and a defined waist. #cinchedeveninmysleep

The second one is more of a house robe, and I am totally going to remove that buckle and jazz it up with a more suitable (read spikey) belt. It is going to make opening the door for Amazon deliveries (or pizzas) a lot more sophisticated. #classybitchfromdusktilldawn

🎼Did somebody say Just Frill?🎢 (No snoop dogs were harmed in the making of this post)

With Love & Vintage Thrills,