A Thrift Haul : CoinCoin Chanel Edition 💎💰

When you are shamelessly addicted to anything Chanel but also shamelessly not bothered about splashing out your whole rent budget on the real deal (one day I will ! *clenches fist*), you go to Etsy and fulfill your Coco desires for 1/10 of the price.

I may be moving out of my current flat in the foreseeable future, but even if I don’t, I have been feeling this crazy energy towards redecorating and changing up my surroundings.

I absolutely adore the dark, but chic aesthetic, and so I had to jump on these deliciously shabby chic items all listed in UK Etsy shops.

To go alongside these goodies, I have also splurged on eBay. I have always wanted to own a Chanel spray and there was one for £23 with some No5 left inside – perfect as it will allow me to try it. I own Chance, and bought my mum No19 but never tried No5. Doesn’t this sound like some sort of fucking bingo?

I love old school perfume bottles and atomisers so I am purchasing a few to decant my perfumes in. Nowadays everything is produced cheaply and without thought, so I am bringing back old school glam in da house. Yes Daaaahling!

Oh and the pillar candle holders were a steal at £11 and will be the proud supporters of my blingy Chanel candles. Yes Daaaahling!

With Love and Old Glamour,

Scream for me!