Mood : The Cartoonish Life 🤡

It is early 2021 and life has become something of a cartoon. The Vaccine Villains™  are currently running wild and are still fidgeting numbers to scare the masses. Yes, any death for any reason within 28 days of a covid test is still recorded as a covid death. So, you could have caught this flu, been ran over by a bus driven by Keanu Reeves, been punched by Keanu Reeves and according to the benevolent government, it is still covid that would have finished you. [personally, I would prefer a Keanu finish].

The feeble-minded facebook folks who are living for this one-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to flex on social media, are probably all posting selfies of themselves with triple layers of face nappies, with the caption ‘I am a Super Hero!! I am saving lives by covering my respiratory organs (ie I am acting like a pompous selfish asshole completely disregarding the thousands of lives destroyed by the unnecessary lockdowns), but hey, give me some likes NOW!!!’. Thankfully, I do not have to witness that.

Indeed, I thank the Lord Lemmy every day for my personal best action of 2020 : the deactivation of my facebook account.

In any case, I’ll see your budget Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero mask and I raise you a newcomer on the scene : DevilBat, whose super powers include unlimited sarcasm, verbal killings and a lethal middle finger.

With Love & Correctly Worn Underwear,

Scream for me!