If You’re Batty and You Love Tea… πŸ¦‡ β˜•οΈ

You buy the entire Killstar teapot and cups (with saucers) set !

Hurray for Daddy Crimbo, because I spent my entire Xmas voucher on this set and other bits and I’m really pleased. *Bats eyelashes* (how corny of me I know)

The entire set is really finely crafted (in China … But hey there’s a reason it’s called finest China innit?) and I love the attention to detail that’s been put into this set : the batty cup handle, the graphics on the cup itself – superb.

My batty black heart is fluttering.

The same level of detail has been applied to the teapot, and in the words of Queens everywhere : I LIVE for it (as a living dead person of course).

As I have been listening to a lot of Def Leppard lately, it seems fitting to ask: Do you take sugar?

With Love & Antioxidants,

Scream for me!