Bullet for my Valentine Timeline πŸ’“πŸ’“

Valentine’s Day 2021 was a Β£20 M&S meal deal, some Lindor chocolate, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and tons of Rupaul Drag Race.

Little things are big to me, so this was a lovely way of indulging. Sure, I could hear my good sis MyfitnessPal screeching about the excess calories every time I’d input a new food item on the app, but I have been able to shut that bitch down pretty fast. *Turns notifications off. Disables the fat police mode and eats one more Lindor egg*

The beauty of technology, eh?

The judging in season 13 of RDPR is shocking and I can sadly say that it seems that the show has fallen foul of pandering. Some lackluster contestants are being kept in for what they represent, and not what they actually deliver. I have switched to the UK version, and I am really enjoying it. Veronica Green’s introduction line “from Gollum to Gorgeous” is forever imprinted in my mind!

This past week, I have been extremely busy at work (and called a rockstar for it, the irony eh?!) so haven’t had a chance to do more creative stuff. The below is a half assed but fully buttocked attempt at something – girl I have eaten wheat today and that’s what my face looks like on it. #restingwheatface

Tomorrow is another week, and I will do better !πŸ₯‚

With Love & Laziness,

Scream for me!