Löökbook : Space Odyssey …🛸🚀

away from the backgarden?

I am sick to death of my back garden, that place is a whole damn mess and it has gotten worse as builders have dropped some of their tools ahead of fixing the back wall next week.

Oh yes, there has been ridiculous drama with the pterodactyl living two floors up from me, but like the Thunderous Terminator I am, I destroyed that shit in the bud (or rather, the tenancy agreement). And she won’t be back putting her nose in things that are not her business.

But I will not let this stop me from living my fashion fantasies – in fact, nothing will stop me not even an overblown flu.

The skirted jacket is from eBay, vinyl leggings from pretty little thing, and t-shirt from killstar.

I layered some pearly necklaces from Topshop and Asos, and the belt is an old Zara belt.

My waist is finally starting to come out from its fatty isolation, and I am super pleased!

Campy editing? Yes, but then again I’d rather be campy than a copy.

With Love & Universal Hugs,

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