OOTD: Black Dynamite💣💥

The recent turn of events really does make me want to explode. Not only is the world currently run by a bunch of totalitarian twatzis [unbelievably aggravating individuals with Nazi tendencies], but the majority of the population is also so deeply programmed into their linear thinking that they WANT the rona to be more virulent than it actually is, and WANT everybody to be forced to take an experimental injection for the sake of it – even though it does jackshit but potentially give you blood clots. But muH HEltH, right?

If it quacks like 1939, and smells like 1939, then it is 1939 with an extra 82 years on top – enough time to develop a version of totalitarianism based on technology (remember those vax passports that were totally not gonna be a thing … Until they are).

Do I want bad things to happen to the current power hungry puppets in charge? Yes !

However, and since I do not want to add to my probably already loaded “disobedient citizen evidence” list, I will just carry on using … verbal TNT instead.

And of course – this comes with fashion inspired by the mighty AC/DC.

My jacket is from eBay and the belt is from Disturbia. The boots are from New Rock and t-shirt from Nasty Gal – they had a lot of band tees for cheap at some point (all fully licensed) so I got a few.

I love layering necklaces, and here I layered a pearl necklace from asos with a multi layer necklace from Topshop (RIP to this Covid victim).

My earrings are from The Nature Spirits on Etsy. Absolutely adore their stuff, the earrings are light, which is perfect for my small ears.

Am I feeling myself? Yes and I love it! Getting my confidence back is one of the greatest things I managed out of this shitshow of a year, and I am going to capitalise on it (why yes … I can hear the online fake communists crying #sorrynotsorry).

When you pretend to be the unfit female version of the Matrix’s Neo…Tee hee. Buuut!gyms are supposed to reopen on 12th April, and I can’t wait!

I am SO glad I repurchased the Drucilla sunglasses from Killstar! I had bought a pair last year and sold them on depop as the fit wasn’t right. However it seems that Killstar has improved the fit in this latest batch. They now sit comfortably, as opposed to awkwardly prior.

I am really pleased with the fact that I am finally feeling more confident in front of the camera. I might soon be taking selfies from the confine of an unvaccinated concentration camp – if things go according to the Cult of Covid members, but I will be doing so happily knowing that I am TNT, and i’ll win the fight!

With Love & Lightning,

Scream for me!