Seaze The Day : Fun in Brighton!🌊🐟

When life gives me demons, I like to hex them away by playing ‘Highway to Hell’ .

When life gives me lemons, I go to Brighton for some fish and chips!

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I gleefully spent it in Brighton with a friend. No grandmas were killed during the process of getting there. In fact, the train was full of youngsters and oldsters alike, and it was great to see people living in spite of the sempiternal state of doom enacted by Chairman Baoris Jinson.

My heart always does a happy dance when I peek at the sea … and this time around it did the electric slide !

My friend and I were absolutely starving when we got there, so we headed straight to the fish and chips shop for a well needed classic meal.Β 

Β£8 for a big old fish and tons of chips? Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! It was delicious.

There is nothing more calming than the feeling of peace that overcomes oneself when being physically present on a beach, under a benevolent sun (it kills Covid faster than Chuck Norris), with the sound of crashing waves as background noise … That is why I always come to the beach when I am feeling overwhelmed.

This time, thankfully, the purpose of my visit to the beach was more of a simple relaxing day out with friends, to catch up, natter about, and enjoy freedom. Freedom is at risk right now, and I am forever grateful to be able to experience it, day after day. I really don’t give a fuck anymore about being labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – all that I mentioned back in March 2020 has come to fruition, so I am kind of proud of myself for sticking to my own analysis and research through and through.

My social circle has drastically reduced as a result, but I feel so much better and so much freer within myself, as I don’t need to hold back anymore. Who needs artificial “friends” anyway?

My partner in crime and I sat on the beach for a good few hours, talking about everything and anything, and it was just glorious.

Of course, selfies are mandatory – I have had my back garden as a background for so long, this had to be done! Vain? yes … Β but I did look good ! *pats cheek in the most fake-humble way possible*

After both our derrieres started to turn into actual rocks, we decided to take a walk on the beach, all the way to the Marina – stopping for coffee and donuts along the way. It was lovely.

We had been talking for so long, we actually lost track of the time … It was actually amazing as we got to watch the sun sashaying away for the day.

We left around 8pm – and both felt so serene that my friend threatened to fall asleep a few times!

As we boarded the train towards London, I felt like a significant amount of weight had dropped off my shouldersΒ  (actually we walked way over 20k steps, so hoping to actually have dropped weight ha!) – it really was a cathartic experience.

But most importantly – I felt that I was ready to take on whatever lemons life was going to throw at me next.

With Love & a Rock Hard Butt,