Bloomin’ From Ear to Ear 🌹😁

They say that misery loves company … well my misery likes jewellery!

Actually, despite the world going to total shit (the virus has now mutated into a dictatorship), I am feeling rather good.




Today I received part one of a rather large Etsy purchase … Hey, just because I am not going to be part of the Vax Vax Klan, doesn’t mean I have to be part of the unbejewelled clan. Nevah!!

My new earrings are from The Crypt of Curiosities on Etsy. They were £7.50.

I only buy leverback earrings now – they stay on all bloody day, and are perfect for headbanging and rocking back and forth alike. Which is perfect, since these are my only two modes of physical expression lately.

Um yeah, I also do an occasional duck face when I need a free facelift.

In all, I am very happy with my new bling – after all, I did mention that I am blingosexual in a previous post …

Ps: Lmao. I feel like even though I am the only one reading this forsaken mad diary, I need to add that this is pure, unadulterated, sarcasm … I am actually a shoebian 🙂

With Love & Bling

Scream for me!