In The City in EC3 : An Occult Walk ๐Ÿ“ธ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

The beautiful thing with street photography is that it does not rely on any external factor for full enjoyment : all that is needed is a camera, a willingness to explore and the ability to see beauty everywhere.

As we are slowly devolving into a fascist state ruled by “Certificate of Vaccine Id” (aka Covid), I am glad that I have this hobby of mine which nobody can ever take from me. To hell with apps, checkins and qr codes : I am roaming free, Metallica style (love this song). Yeah!

I don’t care about not ever going into a pub or a bar; I’d rather be healthy and poison free. I don’t care about not ever going to a gig, if it means I keep my bodily autonomy. Being a guinea pig for experimental gene therapy ain’t on my bucket list – and neither do I want to kick the bucket earlier than planned (unless it is a KFC bucket).

So last weekend, I went for a little walk around the City of London. The City of London is very interesting to me for many reasons : its occultic origins, its architectural randomness, and its quieteness at the weekend. Yes – just because I hate the expression “social distancing” doesn’t mean I love swimming in crowds! #introvertlife

Randomness because where else other than in the City, could you witness the unholy mixture of medieval and modern?

Where else could you find, tucked away in Bishopsgate, a Turkish bath house with full on Arabic gate?

The City of London’s exotic streak doesn’t end there – Egyptian symbols are galore in town.

… and so does modern ugliness. I really dislike modern architecture, can you tell?

In EC3 and EC4, the street signs cracked me up – yeah I am pretty immature.

Cranes, glass and stones : a perfect representation of London in 2021.

As I said, I really dislike modern art, and this mess of a statue confirms my thoughts : wtf is going in here?

This building actually needs a better full shot as much is scribbled on it but it started raining and I missed the shot. Instead, I have a close up of an angry baby demon…

This door can be found just before St Paul’s – I am yet to do more digging as to the reasons why this is where it is … apparently this building hosted the Financial Times newspaper and it is Churchill’s face that adorns the faรงade.

Still – astrological references are pretty rare and not commonly linked to finance, are they?

More “I am over it” cherub faces, as well as fruit and veg. We get it, this mural means that kids don’t like vegetables, right?

Double unicorn spotted above the “Apothecaries Hall” : no comment!

The Unilever building by Blackfriars has a ton of interesting symbolism on it, including a merman in love with his fish?

A man withholding an angry horse? Actually from what I read, this symbolises the withholding of energy… Make of that what you will !

The building also has many pillars with various depictions, which all seemed to be relating to labour and man’s perpetual enslavement to labour.

The mermaid on the other side of the building did not have a fish lover, but instead, seems to be enjoying a nap post hair blow-dry?

It was an enjoyable walk, however it was cut short by a proper bout of London rain.

But what else to expect when this city is filled with aquatic symbols eh?

With Love & Foggy Goggles,

Scream for me!