No. ⛔🤥🖕

It seems that the Church of Covid’s marketing department is working overtime these days.

Shame that the thousands of pounds spent plastering buses and panels with propaganda are not spent on the “overworked” NHS or on its overflowing waiting list of actual sick people; rather than the hypochondriacs desperately testing themselves for a trace of a non isolated virus.

Shame that instead of promoting how to naturally avoid being infected by building a strong immune system, the PR machine focuses on getting more sheep to the slaughter, by using social peer pressure as a tool.

Like a cult.

Join the millions” : what a compelling argument! Just like the Nazis managed to get millions of Germans to follow the Fuhrer I guess? To have millions of something doesn’t necessarily make it a positive – unless it is digits in your bank account.

Every vaccination gives us hope” : how? This has not completed clinical trials and does not prevent transmission of the virus, so care to elaborate? What about the hope of cancer patients waiting for chemotherapy?

The thing is you see, I have never been a follower, and never been one to just “join” for the sake of social acceptance. So I literally do not give a healthy fuck about sharing my opinion in public, and to not want to be a guinea pig for something I have antibodies for.

I am eligible to be healthy on my terms.

I am eligible to say “no” to any entity, corporation, political group and anybody else when it comes to my bodily autonony.

I am eligible to freedom of movement.

I am eligible to say “fuck you” to a bunch of sociopaths in suits abusing their power.

With Love & Soggy Hugs,

Scream for me!