Smell The Coffee, The Flowers and The Crazy ☕💐💩

… are all things that I did yesterday!

Despite the Borisesque weather (read: unstable, flip floppy and unreliable), a friend and I decided to meet by the river for an overdue catch up. Our catch ups are amazing because we are both aligned on how we view the world, which means that we usually end up having hours long esoteric discussions.

After three hours spent discussing energy, magick, globalism and the depopulation agenda, we decided to cross the road for a hit of caffeine. Yes, caffeine is my vice (and I took the photo whilst my friend was ordering her food, like the secret coffee chronicling addict that I am).

That moment spent chatting away whilst the rain started pouring down around us (yay for marquees!) was incredibly relaxing. I adore the smell of rain and it felt like the world was being refreshed around us.

After finishing our wee nourishing break, we started walking towards Charing Cross station, and a heavenly aroma wafted and hit my nostrils … Something that is rather rare in Central London.

These lilac flowers smelled amazing, and took me straight back to holiday times. The power of scent, eh? (This is what happens when you get traumatised by bad BO in the London underground)

Oh! And this is what I wore yesterday, as the fight against the clown world is still ongoing. We high fived and shared huge smiles with fellow critical thinkers taking part in the protest – and it felt great.

Wake up and smell the coffee, the world can still smell beautiful…if we plant the right seeds.

With Love & Coffee Beans,

Scream for me!