Nude Lips Sink Bad Quips 馃憚馃挰

The year is 2021, and humanity is devolving into full retardation.

re路tar路da路tion | \ 藢r膿-藢t盲r-藞d膩-sh蓹n  : an abnormal slowness of thought or action (Merriam-Webster)

Are you hyper ventilating yet? Calling the Vocabulary Army? or perhaps foaming at the mouth because I dared use a word in its rightful context?

If you did screech and reach for your “cancellation” button – well there isn’t one. If you just cackled, hello darkness my old friend.

I have been watching a few movies lately (mostly 90’s and early 2000’s), and all of them triggered some rather sinister thoughts. Yeah “triggered” – but without the bells and whistles of the 2020 version of “triggered”.

In the movie Tropic Thunder, one of the classic quotes is: ‘you should never go full retard‘. Not only is this hilarious but it is also something that would never be released in 2021 due to the snowflake culture taking ahold. Same with the Nutty Professor and its full fat jokes.

And that’s absolutely terrifying. Are we heading towards a culture filled with humourless movies, only because of a loud minority who needs to be coddled through life?

Being able to make fun of each other can be done tastefully and is healthy. But apparently not to that crowd of people who believe that clogging your arteries with junk is “liberation” and that Disney Princesses are fatphobic.

Saying that, I will never shut my mouth, unless it is to take pics with a cute pink lipstick.

With Love & Smooches,

Scream for me!