Making Working Out Work Out 🏋️‍♀️💪

Back in 2020, when the scamdemic officially started, I received a message advising me that my gym was to shut down – indefinitely. As soon as I read this, the wrong kind of athletics started kicking in : the anxiety marathon.

Why? Well, to me the gym is the ultimate therapy, not only does it make my mind sharper than a Karen’s inverted bob haircut, but it is the catalyst to transforming my body into the fit, muscular temple I want it to be (emphasize on want).

I don’t use the word “temple” lightly or as a metaphor :  I do believe that your body is your temple and a soul/spirit can only grow and evolve in a healthy and fit environment. Also, I want some sexy biceps.

When that happened, I thought to myself : “it is ok just go for long walks, and it will be ok”… And it was : for close to a year, I have been going on 2-3 hours long walks about 4 to 5 times a week. But it never replaced the intense rush of endorphins and delicious pain that comes with a gym session. Yeah, those achey muscles, and the wooden legs walk : I LOVE it. Am wierd, I know.

And now the gym is reopened, I feel born again.

With Love & Sore Muscles,

Scream for me!