Living My Truth in Bournemouth 🏖️🐟

Nothing says Gallivanting Goth like a seaside trip on a bank holiday weekend!

Indeed, before life got slightly disrupted by a bunch of twats in suits, travelling was a staple in my life (never a syringe 😉). In some respect, it still is, with locations being just a little more local for now, until the twats in suits get prison suits.

I feel very blessed to have friends who are totally awake to the circus surrounding us, and as a result, I am able to enjoy mask free travelling with a fellow clued up person. Smiles all around on the London Waterloo to Bournemouth train!

The crappy Britannia hotel we booked (did not realise it was one when I booked, whoops!) did not allow for check-in before 4pm, so we headed straight to the seafront for some food in the meantime.

The food was subpar, but it didn’t matter as we were facing the sea, the sun and it felt amazing!

Whilst munching on the made-for-tourists-burger, we decided to check out day trips … We really wanted to go to Durdle Door, but that tour was off on Sundays (stupid if you ask me, as that is the busiest day). We opted for a hop on hop off bus experience for the Sunday instead. I love them! Best way to learn stuff about your holiday location, and see as much as possible whilst being sat down. A lazy girl’s dream.

Upon checking in the most depressing hotel ever (“the Roundhouse”… more like the “Jailhouse”), we discovered that our TWIN beds were actually single mattresses bound by an antediluvian double bed headboard!!

Not only that, but there was no soap in the bathroom and a single thin as hell roll of toilet paper – for two women, staying two nights?! Hell to the no, Britannia!!

Trust that we demanded extra bog roll ha! We did laugh most of this off though – especially the lack of soap, considering the eviiillll virus allegedly going round striking people at 10pm when they are not eating (and if they are standing on their legs). Scamdemic all the way baby!

After that, we decided to stroll back to the beach …

It was so peaceful. Families, couples, kids, older people – everybody was just out to enjoy themselves without a forsaken face nappy in sight.

Letting the fresh marine air hit my nostrils deeply, slowly and intently, was just something out of this world. It might sound more dramatic than one of lady Gaga’s eyebrows – but having been stuck at home working crazy shifts, breathing in London fumes for months, and not having gone anywhere other than the gym or Sainsbury’s – this was a welcome experience.

The sand in Bournemouth is soft and comfortable. And I made sure to take advantage of that!

As the true sea-starved urban mermaids that we were, we decided to have dinner on the beach rather than sit inside somewhere …

Yep, Wagamama on the beach! Beef teriyaki noodles to be precise. Absolutely lush.

Dessert? Sunlight slowly dimming in front of you, waves crashing, and friend chatting away with you.


The following day (Sunday) we decided to have breakfast in a little cafe we noticed during our walk into town. It is called Delice des Champs.

…and my pancakes were delicious! It inspired me to have those at home for breakfast, as I usually have an omelette in the morning. They were really filling so a perfect alternative!

After breakfast, we hopped on the hop on / hop off bus towards Poole, for a little day trip. And this happened: the weirdest ever garden sculpture.

I must admit, that the Sandbanks stop where we were meant to do an initial stop was not that impressive. According to the tour guide, it was meant to be a “look at the rich people houses” type of moment, but neither me or my friend gave a damn about that. We live in London, we get enough of this BS.

So we did not get off the bus. The beauty of hopping on, and staying on!

We did get off at Poole though, a quintessential British seaside town : with crabbing to boot!

We made a pit stop at a place called Hennings and it was fucking awesome! Great drinks, excellent food and lovely service : all that you need during a holiday!

Yes I love burgers, mmkay? This burger had a homemade relish on it, and the beef was tasty. This woman = satisfied.

We shared a meringue and I am glad we shared : it was massive and sweet ! (Ok it is a ball of sugar – but hey I’ve been good at the gym so…)

After food, we strolled into Poole and enjoyed some live music by a super talented street performer.

After more walking, we made our way back to the bus towards Bournemouth … which has beautiful green scenery on top of a beautiful beach.

How come I don’t live there?!

We headed back to the beach and I had not realised that whilst capturing love for my face, I had captured actual love behind me ! Haha!

I did stick my feet in the sea in on Sunday! The weather was even hotter and I felt braver … But that was it, the water was still cold af, and I’m not British, so don’t have the crazy “idgaf about the weather” gene!

And finally, the last day … I felt refreshed, all the grime from the city life was gone in only two days! Who needs face masks?!

We headed to the main park for breakfast alfresco.

I had salmon and dill on sourdough toast, and it was so yummy. I really appreciated the moment and felt very grateful to be able to enjoy this moment.

This little independent coffee shop called Picnic Park cafe was lovely and even had a music stage.

The rest of the park has a bird aviary as well as space for artists. Love it!

The final meal in Bournemouth had to be a Harry Ramsden fish and chips!!

And also, a selfie in the sun … because some Goths don’t mind it 😉

With Love and Tan Lines,

Scream for me!