Bon Voyage To Me!✈️✈️

You may say that I have been quiet in this virtual realm called the blogosphere… I will retort that my real life has been busier than hell during Sodom and Gomorrah.

Yes, I’m not exaggerating. Ok … just a little bit, I am not that much of a degenerate; quite the opposite really!

To the defense of my laziness, all things are better appreciated in moderation, non?

Truth is – I have been working on a project with people literally on the other side of the world (Australia and New Zealand) and it has exhausted me. In addition to this, I have implemented a workout regime which has kept me off the leisure keyboard (as opposed to the professional one) for a bit. And I love every single minute of it!

I am now off work to go see my family for a couple of weeks. As preparation, all I needed to do is an antigen test (found one for £29, done at home!) and print stupid paperwork. Nowhere near as bad as what the media tries to ingrain into everybody’s minds.

And so, I am writing this as I am waiting to board the Eurostar – unjabbed and unbothered.

The best state to be.

With Love and French Kisses,

Scream for me!