An F-word Summer: Family Fun in France & Fuck the System!βœˆοΈπŸ–•

Let’s start with the beginning : I am firmly anti-covid bullshit; I believe there is a man-made flu virus which is being used to trample humanity and install digital shackles upon us all. This virus is not the destroyer that it is painted to be, however its incumbents are : apartheid, segregation and forced injections of gene therapy products which have never passed even animal trials.

I also believe in circumventing the system to keep things working my way, and maintain my life as I want it to be. In order to do so, and to enable me to visit my parents and family, I decided to play with the system.

I ordered an antigen kit (I refuse to do the pcr one) for Β£29 and rubbed the swab in a bit of old tissue. Why? Because I do not consent to my bodily autonomy being invaded in order to move freely.

Result? A negative test certificate for emailed back to me after me sending out a photo of the result with my passport. These places only want your money – this is not about health.

And I made it to France!

I did not quarantine – as I do not consent to self imprisonment on the false premise of being assumed to be sick until proven healthy. I made the trip to spend the limited vacation time I had with my family – not to self flagellate in fear of a flipping cold.

And by that I mean : dear Macron, fuck your self declarations of self imprisonment on arrival; I do as I will with my time and myself. And I headed straight for coffee with my dad, only to be followed by many more the following days!

This non-emprisonment also included visiting restaurants, antique shops, parks, markets… All these lovely human places full of interaction and life.

My dad and I took my nephews to the circus and it was fantastic!

Being there, with my own family enjoying a grandiose show led by a pretty cool family, reminded me of all that is worth fighting for.

Our inalienable rights to be free, live free and our duty to reject tyranny (and dodgy leaders – I’m looking at ya Macronavirus and Boris Jong Ill).

After being cooped up in London for so long, I cannot begin to explain how much of a welcome break it was to be chilling around with my family in nature. My brother lives outside Paris and this park is within walking distance from his house. Nice, eh?

My mum and I also took advantage of the relative relaxation of the fascist rules to take a little trip down to Blois and Tours, a couple of hours down from Paris.

The photos are rubbish, as I was trying not to disturb my mum too much but the memories are priceless!

I absolutely loved Blois – a quintessential cute town with beautiful architecture and plenty of pedestrian pathways to leisurely stroll in.

We spent two nights in Blois and then decided to check out Tours, 40mins away in train. My mum was so happy to travel, it was so nice to see her chill for a bit.

People in France have been subjected to utter madness and repression, so I was happy to see her thrive, albeit temporarily, from the totalitarian mess that Paris has become.

Tours was absolutely gorgeous too : a bigger town but as nicely maintained as Blois. We both loved the pedestrian vibes and the greenery within the town.

We finally made it back to Paris where I spent the remaining days playing with my nephews and making the most of my family.

This trip was full of laughter, but also of consternation and anger : what kind of world are my nephews growing up into?

The kind of world I will fight tooth, black nail and black coffee (with croissant) to protect against the clowns in charge.

With Love and Γ‰clairs,

Scream for me!