Bound to Bloodstock Festival !

Back in 2020, my friend and I put out in the universe that we would travel, eat out, go to gigs, festivals and the like … all the while in clear contradiction to Kim Jong Johnson’s edicts at the time. Communism? I don’t know her.

I am not saying that either of us are remote offsprings of Dr Strange, and that we manipulated the space time continuum but! your girl has smoothly travelled to France, and is now smoothly travelling to Bloodstock festival!

*strokes hair à la Dr strange (yeah I don’t have a mystical beard, but I do have mystical hair)*

I must admit that there is something rather unsettling about me going to a music festival when my family in France cannot go get a coffee or go to the library due to not being injected with the experimental death juice and not possessing the Nazi health card.

I feel angry and guilty somehow, even though I know they are ok and make the best coffee at home anyway.

So instead, I’ve decided to use my newly found powers to transmute these feelings into happy headbanging energy!

If I have been able to manifest greatness into my life, there is no reason why I cannot keep doing it and extend the reach to my peeps over the tunnel, right?

*grabs cape and sails into the metal battlefield*

See ya at the festival!

With Love & Heavy Boots,

❤️⚡Thunderella ⚡❤️

Scream for me!