Latest eBay Haul : Batty Chic πŸ¦‡πŸ’ƒ

Spooky season? Perhaps, but in my neck of the woods it is blazer season that is upon us!

I have always loved to mix and match various styles of clothing and my latest attempt is going to be mixing dogtooth pattern blazers with more alternative accessories and shoes. Coco Shrapnel is actually my second preferred pseudonym for a reason πŸ˜‰

So I treated myself for my birthday (someone’s gotta) and ordered a few bits and pieces from eBay.

The batty sunglasses – I have the black ones and thought that red ones could be fun for a photo or two. Yeah, usage is actually limited to photo only because these will literally render you blind as a bat if you try to actually see with them on.

A classic dogtooth blazer in red and black from Zara, because I have bipolar red/black hair and we gotta coordinate from head to toe!

New Rock wedges – I had them in the past … and I have regretted selling ever since so I bought them again. These are amazing!

A Kill the Kardashians t-shirt – need I say more?

A classic dogtooth blazer, this might come up a bit large on me but I paid Β£1.50 for it so really no loss here.

I have received these Vonda Dr Martens boots last week and they are fantastic – I didn’t struggle breaking them in which is a huge thing with these kind of boots.

I can’t wait to shoot these once everything arrives!

With Sass and Class,

πŸ¦‡βš‘Thunderella πŸ¦‡βš‘

Scream for me!