Killing the Kilos … And the Kardashians🔪💃

On Wednesday 22nd of September, I went to a yoga class. Just like all the other Wednesdays. But on this particular Wednesday,  as I lept towards the floor for a smooth “downward facing dog” – I felt as if I was leaping in the toilet bowl of a nightclub after one too many drinks: I felt nauseous, dizzy and sick. Basically all the drunk side effects without the drunk part.

What kind of life scam is this? Can I have the salary without the work instead? Damnit Sky Daddy!

Instead, on Thursday and Friday, I worked and still felt dizzy buuuut chalked it to food poisoning. I still refused the possibility that I could be actually losing my mind.

On Saturday, I spent the day in bed, unable to flip myself over the opposite side without seeing the world spinning before my eyes. Again : the drunk side effects. Without the mojito. Or the passion fruit martini. Scam, I tell ya!

After some googling, it seems that this is possibly vertigo? I don’t know, am calling the gp tomorrow to find out. I don’t hold much hope – I haven’t been able to see a GP in two years since the great Kung Flu crisis … Who needs a GP when many people are walking asymptomatic from a cold, eh?

In the meantime, I managed to drag my arse from the left side of the bed, to meet a friend for food and chit chat by the river. It was a struggle but I’m glad I did it.

I am proud to have slayed some kilos – I actually feel better now that the weight is dropping off. I am wearing a top I got on eBay, as well as a second hand bag from Zara I also got on eBay.

As to killing the Kardashians? I absolutely despise them but I’m not wishing any physical harm to them. Only to the awful “culture” they have bestowed upon us – where selling ones private parts for the price of happy meal is considered “empowering”.

Fuck that (not literally though)- I’d rather keep my dignity and self respect and stand up for myself (even though I’m currently imbalanced!) than be on my knees for pennies.

With Love and Self Respect,

❤️Thunderella ❤️

Scream for me!