Killstar’s Orbit Cap : Bat in The Hat 🎩🦇

Apparently someone once said ‘a great hat speaks for itself‘ , well I am afraid that *I* am going to have to do the talking here, as my Killstar hat is not yet sentient!

I purchased the Orbit cap as soon as it came out – I have an obsession with hats AND crescent moons (I am really tired of pentagrams). 

The hat is of excellent quality and sturdy. I was worried that a bendy ass hat would make its way to me, but I can confirm this was not the case. The silverware is equally sturdy : the crescent moon is heavy duty (which is great for me, I am Miss T after all – no family relations to Mister T tho) and so is the chain. I pity the fool who wears a bendy ass hat.

The hat is complemented by a couple of crescent moons on the side – we like some fancy bling over here, so this is a nice touch to an already blingy hat.

The hat is 58 % wool and 42% polyester, which is really good mix. I had recently ordered a hat from Boohoo – which i returned immediately as it was not only 100% polyester (and it showed) but also ill-fitting. 

This hat is so great, I had to do multiple edits of myself with it – oh I totally blame the lockdowns for an increase in my narcissism by the way … *stares at self again*

PS: no tears were shed during the making of this blog post, I am just making some kids angry by stealing their ‘aesthetic’ from a phone editing app ….

With Love & Fancy Headgear,


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