Halloween 2021 : My High Street Picks! 🦇 🎃


Don’t you love being surprised by a scheduled blog post?! Well, either way, it is officially Spooktober, and it is o-ffi-shu-ally time for mainstream retailers to get Goth coins and Goth contactless payments. And that includes my hard earned dark cash – yes, I may or may not have purchased some of these items which I may or may not unveil in a new Youtube channel i’m working on !

What will you sink your fangs in? 😉

New Look Leopard Fang T shirt – £9.99 on New Look

Halloween Pumpkin Placement Jumper – £20 on Boohoo

Trick or Treat Choker – £10 on Boohoo

Dancing Skeleton Tee – £12 on Asos

Barbed wire necklace  –  £4.80 Nasty Gal

Oh My Goth T Shirt – £8.40 on Nasty Gal

With Love & a Haunted Wallet,


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