Löökbook : Shiny Chainz 🔗⛓️

Yes. This is still my back garden being used as a pseudo tropical background (do not underestimate London’s fauna and flora!)

Yes. This has been taken using my phone instead of my expensive camera and its equally pricey tripod.

But! I have an excuse, I am on antibiotics at the moment (of course the vertigo from last week wasn’t enough for Satan), so I’ve been feeling really tired because of them. And therefore the lazy route has been taken (without a map).

I really love this outfit which is quintessential moi : blingy, dressy and hatty. Yeah, I make up words. Hey, people make up genders now, so why not?

Hat is Primark – I believe I bought it for £1 during one of my travels up north and my head was freezing. Bargain!

This amazing choker with chains is from Killstar. It was part of my birthday gift and is called Deeply Destroyed. Exactly what my bank account is like right now.

The jacket is from eBay and I’ve had it for years now, absolutely love it – it’s real leather and has lasted me for ages.

The skirt is also from Killstar and was also part of my birthday haul – it’s absolutely fabulous, it is made of stretchy material and has an elasticated waist as well as a zip. It is the Death Valley Skirt.

The belt is from Killstar too but I bought this ages ago… But could never wear it due to being fat. Yes, fat – I am fatshaming myself!! Shit, call the fat police I don’t care, they won’t be fast enough to catch me….I’m going to the gym now 😉

I know– I used this photo before on this post, but I’m using it again to symbolise all the fucks I have to give ie none to all that paralysed me over the last few years.

Onwards, upwards and motion blurwards!!

With Love and Bling Bling,

❤️ Thunderella ❤️

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