Curiouser and Curiouser at the V&A : Part 1 🐇🐰

So I did a thing and went to the Victoria and Albert Museum for the Alice : Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition and … recorded bits and bobs on my new Youtube channel – a channel so exclusive, it is buried deep where Zuckerberg is unable to send ads.

Saying that, I totally fucked up and recorded :

1) on a phone 2) in portrait mode 3) whilst shaking and doing what seems to be the cha-cha slide

But I don’t care, it is a first video, nobody is gonna watch it and it helps me work out my procrastination issues. I’d better produce things, even imperfect rather than wait for the perfect opportunity

Saying that, mama is taking the gopro and staying still next time! I am working on the blog version of this : benefit, it won’t shake and you can’t hear me 😉


Stay Mad & Stay Curious!


Scream for me!