Alice : Curiouser and Curiouser – A Trip to the V&A (Blog)

As part of my ongoing efforts to shake the funk out of my life (well, not all of it, as am actually going to a disco event in November oop oop!), I booked a ticket to the Alice : Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition at the V&A museum.

And there I was, awake at 8am on a freaking Sunday, ready to stumble into the rat hole that is the London Underground – on my way to the rabbit hole.

And what a lovely rabbit hole that was! As soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs, by the entrance, I instantly felt happy and giddy. All this because of the giant fake books. Yeah, I am a book nerd ! books have been a huge part of my life – and so I react to a library like a bimbo reacts to an episode of Love Island. I squealed!

The first room sets the scene – not the actual book scene but the context in which Charles Lutwidge Dodson (Lewis Carroll) operated. Very interesting as I do love some Victorian gossip.

This room also had tons of pages from manuscripts and draft sketches – it is always so amazing to see these blasts from the past. It made me realise how in 50 years time, we probably won’t have any of these beautiful artistic relics, but rather tons of hard drives full of digital stuff. Do I sound old yet?

I loved stepping in and out of all the different rooms, and this one was no exception. So beautifully done!

The attention to detail and careful lighting really made this an enchanting experience.

There was a whole section about the interpretations of Alice in Wonderland across time but also platforms : songs, theather, cinematic performances … I snapped a few of these and you can see them in my Youtube video too.

There was an interactive section here which is best seen on the video (totally not plugging my video !) but I did take a pic as it was quite stunning.

After that, I got to step into a beach scenery and check myself out in the funky mirrors – instagram style!

Following the beach, it was time to move to the next room …

Where an animated Cheshire Cat was waiting! Again, best check this in my video 😉

In this room, walls were adorned with surrealist paintings, and here’s the tidbit of info which gives the background. You can’t say this blog ain’t educational eh?!

Next, was the trippy section of Alice in the 60’s – it was really fun and there was a song from Jefferson Airplane playing to set the scene (White Rabbit).

The tea party set has to be one of my favourite set ups of this exhibit – this combined with the lighting made it a glorious experience!

There was a section where Virtual Reality could be experienced but the wait was 35mins and I am the most impatient person in the planet …

I might be impatient but I was patient enough to get to the fashion … *pats self on the sore back*

Not fashion as such, but awesome representations of the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter. He is quite fit isnt he? Nothing to do with a Johnny Depp obsession…um.


Next room had more fashion, with some haute couture from Viktor & Rolf. I must admit that I loved this section, as it had so much of what I aesthetically like (ruffles, frills, tulle, platforms!).

But that is not it! A whole section was also dedicated to photographic interpretations of Alice in Wonderland, with Black icons at the helm. It was bloody fantastic to see and I loved the shots, especially mama Ru’s shot.

The exhibition ended with a ‘looking glass screen’ section … and me going to shop for goodies!

I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition, and am looking forward to my next one, which will be less dramatic but oh so exciting – yes it is a handbag exhibition and I LOVE HANDBAGS!!

With Love & Less Saddlebags (gymming like hell this week),


Scream for me!