Alternative eBay Haul πŸ‘™πŸ‘’

I am currently addicted to Ebaying and Depoping. There is something really enjoyable to me about scrolling through endless items and spotting cute bargains. That rush as your paypal account gets drained … but your flat gets filled with ethical parcels before Christmas, yay!

Here are some of the latest bits and bobs I have nabbed on Ebay. I love a good Ebay haul, especially for these pieces which are more for work (like the ankle boots below) and are alt but still corporate enough. You can also find many awesome items which are not sold anymore or sold for way more on alt sites, like this harness.

I also have a work Christmas party incoming so bought a few options that will keep me classy yet still within my realm of studded darkness ! I love all of these pieces are they are the perfect crossover of mainstream and alternative.

I also bought this cape dress from boohoo as contingency… I find it stunning anyway and could probably use it for plenty of other occasions. What kind of goth doesn’t like a cape??

I am currently ill with a little cold (not the coof – colds still exists my dudes), but will try to revive this blog as soon as my own self is revived … I still have Edinburgh pics to load – as I said the Halloween post will most deffo turn up at Christmas, cos am a rebel like that ^^


Love & Lightning


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